Key subjects


Academic Curriculum

We will aim to teach core subjects – in particular English, Maths and Religious Education – excellently, as well as giving pupils a thorough grounding in all other subjects such as science, language, history and geography. All children will also enjoy drama, art, music and sport. Where there is an advantage, these subjects will be integrated – the Core Knowledge curriculum identifices many areas of overlap between literature and history, science and music.

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English classes will ensure that students have high standards of language and literacy by equipping them with a strong command of the spoken and written word. St Joseph’s will also develop their love of literature by encouraging widespread reading for enjoyment throughout their time here.
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Mathematics classes will ensure pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. Acheiving this will involve some rote learning, as well as working with numerals, words, the four operations, and practical resources.
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Religious Education

Pupils won’t be required to be Catholic, but Catholic identity, history, prayer and worship will be integrated into the daily life of the school. This will include celebrating major feasts, weekly Mass and – crucially – learning core Catholic prayers by heart at the appropriate stage.
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Other subjects

Catholic identity at St. Joseph’s will not just be reflected through Religious Education. We will teach history, art, music, and foreign languages in the context of our Catholic heritage, whilst always ensuring pupils receive an excellent academic education.