Young school girl reading a book at the library

The curriculum at St. Joseph's

A Curriculum involves two parts – the content and the delivery.


We consider the Core Knowledge Curriculum produced by Civitas an excellent starting point. It has been used successfully in schools with a similar ethos to ours, most notably the New Model School company. Following this curriculum will give pupils a thorough grounding in all the major subjects, both preparing them for the Statutory Assessment Tests while also ensuring they receive a rounded education.

The biggest point of difference will be Religious Education, where our curriculum will – we believe – be among the most traditionally Catholic in the UK.


Nothing is guaranteed to elicit strong opinions like education, and we are no different from the general population in this regard. Where we are different – from much of the educational establishment, at least – is in a strong belief in the value of direct instruction, as opposed to the recent emphasis on “child-centred” learning.  We are happy to be guided by the spirit and balance of the Jesuits’ Ratio Studiorum, which encourages rigorous teaching while always maintaining a level of lightheartedness that is crucial when imparting knowledge to young children.