Welcome to St. Joseph's

Offering classes for Reception to Year 2 from September 2016

We are a group of parents, educators and clergy who want to offer the very best primary education; passing on the Catholic faith, while also making sure they can thrive in the modern world.

Our starting point

In our view, God should be at the core of education – Catholic feasts, weekly Mass, daily prayers and the like are an aid to children’s learning, especially given their inherent curiosity, energy and optimism.

Learning should be interesting and stimulating, but not optional – teachers will have an active, hands on role. However we recognise that parents are the primary educators of children, and they will have a fundamental part to play.

Lastly, we think that fresh air does us all good, and children benefit from regular games time as well as the opportunity to look after animals and grow vegetables.

Our mission

We’re setting up St.Joseph’s to provide this environment, filling a gap in the choices currently available to parents like us. If this sounds like something that would interest you – as a parent, teacher, or supporter, then we’d love to hear from you.


Mr. Thomas Arnold

Chairman of Governors

Mr. Arnold has 150 years’ experience in education and has used each and every one of them to give St. Joseph’s the best possible start. There will be no Flashman here.

MARY POPPINS, Julie Andrews, 1964

Mrs Mary Poppins

Head Teacher

With extensive experience nannying during the late 19th Century, Mrs. Poppins is an ideal choice to be headmistress. Her use of imagery, song and obscure words are also a plus.


John Smith

Primary School Teacher

We don’t yet know who Mr. Smith is, but he’ll be able to teach if we have more than 8 pupils and so need two classes.


Father Brown


Father Brown has dealt with the finest criminal minds in the country, which should stand him in good stead as a primary chaplain.